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The Ecuadorian Coast is full of heals, elevations with small altitudes. These lands are showered by rivers that are born at the Andes until the pacific Ocean. The five states have beaches and very attractive sites for tourist.


Sierra: Los Andes - Austro

At the Sierra Ecuador counts with 10 states that have important mountains with enormous elevations, such as Chimborazo, Cotopaxi, the Cayambe and the Antisana. That together they form the volcano routes, which is one of the biggest attractions of the Country, were mountain climbing is practiced.

This region is full of nature and wild life. In here we could find the indiginous people which still maintain intact their way of living that still preserves man and nature relationship.

We can find an enormous variety of exotic animals such as: tucan, monkeys, dolphins, alligators, snakes and the wild plants and their medicinal values..
The Galapagos

This majestic place is conformed by 13 small islands.

The origin of this island is volcanic and is approximately one thousand kilometers from the continent. The most important volcanos have around one thousand to six thousand meters of height. This are located in Isabela Island, the most popular ones are Wolf, Cerro Azul and Darwin.

Source: Diario el Universo
Tourism in Ecuador

Monumento a los próceres -  Parque CentenarioGuayaquil is the comercial capital of Ecuador, with more than 2’000.000 poblation is right in front of the majestic Guayas River. The port of Guayaquil is one of the most important in America making the city ideal for business people from any country of the world.

Tourist Attractions:
• Malecon 2000
• Cristal Palace
• Mosaic Tower
• Administration Plaza
• 9 de Octubre Avenue
• The Rotonda
• Las Peñas
• Santa Ana sitting
• Centenario Park
• Civic Center and the Forestal Park
• Seminario Park
• Metropolitan Catedral
• Municipal Museum
• Botanic Garden
• Wild Life Protector (Cerro blanco)
• Puertohondo Manglar
• Historical Park

Escalinatas del Cerro Santa Ana

Parque Centro Cívico

Mitad del MundoIs the country’s capital is situated right at the edge of the Pichincha Volcano with a poblation around 1’800.000 and a height of 2.820meters. Is located on the equator line, touristicly is divided in three parts: Colonial Historic Center, Modern Center, and the new commercial and financial center.

CatedralEs una de las principales ciudades del Ecuador, declarada Patrimonio Cultural de la Humanidad. Esta ciudad cuenta con una población de 277.374 habitantes. El centro de la ciudad tiene 200 hectáreas de arquitectura tradicional. Allí están sus antiguos monasterios, 11 templos, 11 museos confundidos con la fachada de viejas casonas, plazas y mercados por donde camina la chola cuencana con su típica falda y sombrero.
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